Music and Bands


Randy Neilson as been playing in bands all his life.  He is leader of the popular band, Bobby & the Believers, and also performs with various other groups and ensembles including NE_Brass.  In addition to his live performances , he is an educator,  proficient composer and arranger,  His works are listed in the NEHP Catalog. He has also been known to  undertake special music production projects.  Randy is capable of playing the following instruments (in order of proficiency):

Piano / Organ / Keyboards

Trombone (Tenor / Bass)



Euphonium / Baritone


Bass Clarinet / Clarinet

Sax (Bari, Tenor, Alto, Soprano)

Bass / Upright Bass




Technical Services


Randy retired in 2010 as a systems engineer from Northrop Grumman (formally Westinghouse) with 33 years experience in both military and commercial engineering.  In addition to the systems mindset,, he also has experience in both software and hardware.   Randy offers technical services for hire and also for limited volunteer work.

Marine Services


Randy Neilson, in his retirement, has developed a methodology to produce low cost sea floor mapping surveys.  Neilson Enterprises has been providing Bottom Mapping services for the Maryland areas of the Chesapeake Bay since 2011.  This service includes: site preparation/route planning, sonar data collection, post processing, and report generation.  The reports highlight bathymetry, bottom hardness, and side scan imagery which proves to be very useful to those involved in aquaculture  These services are now predominately acquired through and funded by the Maryland Seafood Coop in Annapolis Maryland. However, hull inspections and salvage services should be requested directly.

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