Orginial Compositions

Randy Neilson's library of orginal compositions:

Note: Titles with links have detail information

Cat 3001 Capricciet'to for F Horn and Clarinet

Cat3003 Momentary Tranquillity (Chamber Orch)

Cat3005 Its Good to be home (SATB)

Cat3006 Its Good to be home (Piano)

Cat3007 Lets Give It A try (Big Band)

Cat3008 Unto thee Oh Lord (SATBS)

Cat3009 Mothers Day (String Trio)

Cat3010 The Gathering (Brass Septet)

Cat3011 The Gathering (Concert Band)

Cat3012 The Brightest Star (Vocal and strings)

Cat3013 Follow Me (Vocal)

Cat3014 Out of the Wilderness (Hymn)

Cat3015 Anniversary Hymn (w Brass Sextet)

Cat3016 The Ring (Brass Septet)

Cat3019 Thomas Point Suite (Woodwind Quintet)

Cat3020 Thomas Point Suite (Brass Septet)

Cat3021 Thomas Point Suite (String Orch)

Cat3022 Golden Sceptre (Brass Septet)

Cat3024 O Love of God (Hymn)

Cat3025 Golden Sceptre (Brass Band)

Cat3026 Golden Sceptre (Concert Band)

Cat3027 Woodsman Dance (Brass Septet)

Cat3028 Gratitude (Hymn)

Cat3029 Them (Brass Septet)

Cat3030 Carol Fragments (string orch)

Cat3031 Thomas Point Suite (Concert Band)

Cat3032 Woodsman Dance (Brass Band)

Cat3033 Flourish (Brass Septet)

Cat3034 The Duke (Brass Septet)

Cat3035 As the Sun Goes Down (Brass Septet)

Cat3036 Backwash (Brass Septet)

Cat3037 The Nine (Brass Septet)

Cat3039 Warm Up (Brass Septet)

Cat3040  Stalk and Chase (Brass Septet)

Cat3041 On Call (Sm Concert Band)

Cat3042 Weave (Brass Septet)

Cat3043 Another Time Around (Brass Septet)

Cat3044 Teasers March (Brass Septet)

Cat3045 Skippy (Brass Septet)

Cat3046 Brazilian Moon (Brass Septet)

Cat3047 Sophie (Brass Septet)

Cat3048 Madame (Brass Septet)

Cat3049 Silver Cross (Brass Septet)

Cat3050 Silver Cross (Concert Band)

Cat3051 Resolve (Strings and Brass)

Cat3052 Resolve (Orchestra)

Cat3053 Dark Shadows (10 part Brass ensemble)

Cat3054 Another Time Around (9 part brass)

Cat3055 Twinbies (Double Brass Quartet)

Cat3056 TwoBaa (Double Brass Quartet)

Cat3057 Pretty Smart (10 part brass)

Cat3058 The Stone (Brass Septet with String Orch)

Cat3059 A Little Left of Center (10 part brass)

Cat3060 Mellow Moment (Brass Septet)

Cat3061 Big or Small (Brass Quintet or more)

Cat3062 Sentinel of the Bay (Oyster Boys)

Cat3063 Without the Choir (Clarinet Horn & Piano)

Cat3064 Dark Shadows (Brass Band)

Cat3065 Pride (Concert Band)

Cat3066 Pretty Smart (Brass Band)

Cat3067 Warm Up (Concert Band)

Cat3068 Dogwood (Wind Quartet)

Cat3069 Dogwood (String Orchestra)

Cat3070 A Prayerful Moment (SATB)

Cat3071 Seeker Trail (String Orchestra)

Cat3072 Tag (Alto and Organ)

Cat3073 Half Shell Polka

Cat3074 Thomas Point Suite (Brass Band)

Cat3075 Just a Little March (Brass Band)

Cat3076 A Prayerful Moment (Brass Band)

Cat3077 Teasers March (Brass Band)

Cat3078 Little Num (Woodwind Ens)

Cat3079 Pink Petals (Woodwind ens)

Cat3080 Creole (Mixed Winds)

Cat3081 Round About (Mixed)

Cat3082 Parlor Maid (mixed ens)

Cat3083 Trading Fours (Mixed Winds)

Cat3084 Double Up (mixed choirs)

Cat3085 Darker Shade of Gray (mixed winds)

Cat3086 Someone Missing (mixed winds)

Cat3087 Reflections (mixed winds)

Cat3088 Good Wood (Clarinet Quintet)

Cat3089 Topple (Clarinet Quintet)



Cat3090 No Point(Clarinet Quintet)

Cat3091 In Time (Wind ensemble)

Cat3092 Montana March (Brass Ens)

Cat3093 Bucks March (Brass Ens)

Cat3094 Three Cheers (Brass Ens)

Cat3095 Fanfares (Brass Ens)

Cat3096 Single Tree March (Brss Ens)

Cat3097 Meadows of Ireland (String Orch)

Cat3098 It's Just Relative (Brass Quartet)

Cat3099 Gettysburg (Brass Band)

Cat3100 Ten on Twenty (String Orch)

Cat3101 Dry Bones (Trombone Quartet)

Cat3103 Pipes a la mode (Brass Band & Pipes)

Cat3104 Creole (v3 - Concert Band)

Cat3105 One Hour on the Clock (Trombone Quintet)

Cat3106 Chamber Squire (brass septet)

Cat3107 Bone-a-Part (trombone quartet)

Cat3108 Just Saying (Trombone Quintet)

Cat3109 Group Therapy (11 part Brass)

Cat3110 Stranger Company (12 part Brass)

Cat3111 Tonal Exercise A (8 part)

Cat3112 Tonal Exercise B (8 part)

Cat3113 Key Bones (trombone quartet and Piano)

Cat3114 Tonal Exercise C (8-part)

Cat3115 Hangin with Jack (10 part brass)

Cat3116 Messin with My Mind (10 part brass)

Cat3117 Tonal Exercise D (8 part)

Cat3118 What is my Line (9 part)

Cat3119 Time for Five (trombone quintet)

Cat3120 Twelve on Ten (12 part brass)

Cat3121 Just Saying (11 part brass)

Cat3122 The Ring (11 part brass)

Cat3123 Tip Toe (10 part brass)

Cat3126 Sammy Salsa (11 part brass w/ tracks)

Cat3127 March to Madness (12 part brass & Perc)

Cat3128 Blue Curtain (12 part brass)

Cat3129 Pass It On (trombone quintet)

Cat3130 A Little Duet (trombone quintet)

Cat3131 Blow Your Horn (12 part Brass)

Cat3132 A Lesser Crowd (9 part brass)

Cat3133 Whos Got the Time (12 part brass & perc)

Cat3134 My Line Anytime (12 part brass)

Cat3135 A Little Different Way of Seeing (condensed)

Cat3136 Smoothie (condensed)

Cat3137 A Little off the Top (9-12 part brass)

Cat3138 Tonal Exercise E (3 part)

Cat3139 Pint Size Jig (9 part for 12)

Cat3140 Tricky Nine (12 part brass)

Cat3141 Cycle Me (12 part brass)

Cat3142 Pair Three (12 part brass)

Cat3143 Mona (6 part for 12)

Cat3144 Jaded (12 part brass)

Cat3145 Low Blow (8 part)

Cat3146 Sequence Me (trombone quintet)

Cat3147 Dimmishing (12 part brass)

Cat3148 Lead On (trombone quartet)

Cat3149 All Together Now (12 part brass)

Cat3150 Go With It (12 part brass)

Cat3151 Heavy Steps (12 part brass)

Cat3152 Mind Cracks (12 part brass)

Cat3153 Slotted (12 part brass)

Cat3154 A song for Karen (head chart)

Cat3155 From Year to Year (trombone quintet)

Cat3156 Scoot (12 part brass)

Cat3157 Tail Fin (12 part brass)