Audio & Video Projects

Randy Neilson owns a home studio and is available for custom audio and video projects.  These projects can range from documentries, music videos, custom presentation preparation, and BR/DVD/CD compelations.  If interested, please contact Randy with your needs.


Some of Randys music projects include (but not limited to):


Dark 2 Lite

This album is a new age type of instrumental album solely composed and produced by Randy Neilson.  This album was release in 1997 and played in many parts of the country.  The album also made the top 100 new age chart for over 6 weeks. This album is currnetly available on CD Baby (

Electric Christmas

This album of popular electronic Christmas music was produced back before polyphonic synthizers were invented.

Neilson Sampler Vol 1

This CD is a collection of music from the NEHP composition library.  The recordings on this CD is electroniclly generated so listeners can preview the music before any live recordings are made.

Santa's Got a New Bag of Licks

In 2002, Randy with his college and friend, Mike Whittaker, got together with some other friends and produced an album of unique Christmas arrangements to give away as gifts.

Hymns Vol 1

As requested by many of the congregation where Randy has been organist, he produced this album of favior hymns.

Gift of Song - Hymns Vol 2

As a followup to the first album, this album was scored for orchestra and then electroniclly recorded.  This album was also dedicated to his mother and grandmother as gifts.

The Believers in Review 2009

This album was produced by Randy while recovering from bypass surgey.  It is a collection of songs that Bobby & the Believers has recorded.