Printed Copy


Printed copy of titles in the music library can be requested (at a cost).  However, digitial distribution is prefered.  Please contact and discuss your needs with Randy.

On-line Publishing


Most of the Neilson Enterprises library is available and distrubited electronicly in PDF format.  Perspectve clients should contact Randy by email to express their interest and desires.  NEHP library is listed under Compositions, Arrangments, and A&V Projects.  Many of the titles are offered for free however, contributions will be encouraged and accepted if the products prove themselves worthly.


BlueRays, DVDs, CDs, and printed music have been produced by Neilson Enterprises under the label of NEHP or Neilson Enterpsrises House Press.  Most media is avaliable directly from Neilson Enterprises and some titles may be found on YouTube, Vimeo, and/or CD baby.  Randy Neilson is a member of BMI and all of his compositions have been registred with that preforming rights organization.

NEHP - (Neilson Enterprises House Press)



Neilson Enterprises has the ablity to produce small run BR/DVD/CD media.  Large runs should be contracted out by either the client or Neilson Enterprises.